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Debt Settlement

Advanced Financial offers a free consultation to all business owners so that our advisors can get a full understanding of any financial hardships that exist. We take a look at creditor accounts, current payables, and any other financial circumstances causing a strain on the business. We then customize a plan which will significantly increase the merchant’s cash flow, thus providing immediate relief for the business owner. This plan involves setting up a savings plan that the merchant can afford. We use a third party special purpose account in an FDIC insured institution to facilitate the set aside funds each month in order to make settlement arrangements with creditors (both lump sum and term settlements).

Unlike our competitors we have custom tailored a state of the art proprietary software system, giving us the leverage to restructure corporate debt with volume in bulk and efficiency in order to eliminate our client’s debt loads drastically. This makes the debt restructuring process very stream-lined for business debt creditors to accept low settlements in bulk which becomes very appealing to their bottom line. This is a major advantage for our clients because it allows us to get them low settlements at an affordable restructure payment plan to improve their business cash flow. Creditors and other debt vendors would much rather restructure corporate debt in this bulk manner because it makes more sense to them financially and improves their bottom line. Over the years we have developed key relationships with upper management level employees at some of the largest business debt creditors in America, this allows them to look at our offers in bulk more carefully and timely to make them a top priority.

We aim to settle all debts for as little as possible, and historically settlements average $.43 on the dollar. Our goal is to save the merchant as much as possible on the overall debt enrolled.

Program length could be anywhere between 12 and 20 months depending on the total debt enrolled and the amount per month the merchant is able to set aside for settlements. Advanced Financial Services uses the settlement savings account to negotiate best possible settlements with the creditors. All settlements are memorialized in a settlement letter, are legal binding, and take into account any UCC filings.

What qualifies a business owner for a debt restructuring program?”

 In order for a business to qualify for our program they must be experiencing a hardship, and possess one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Daily Collection Calls
  • Business bank account consistently in the red
  • Trying to get alternative funding and getting declined everywhere
  • Struggling to meet payroll ¨ Behind on equipment lease payments
  • Behind on mortgage and/or rent payments
  • Unable to support another merchant cash advance/ defaulting on current advances
  • Using personal assets and personal credit to secure capital for the business

The SBA reports that 45,000 businesses per month close their doors or file for bankruptcy. As a matter of fact, most business owners who apply for funding get declined. The vast majority of these merchants who are consistently denied funding are experiencing a hardship and may qualify for business debt restructuring.

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