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Credit Card Processing and Corporate Checking Accounts for Recreational Marijuana Now!!!

Our Credit Card Processing Program allows you to accept all major credit cards at your dispensary and comes with an FDIC Insured Corporate Checking Account from a domestic Bank.

Although a few companies have found some creative ways to secure a Processing account by opening another business with a different name, like a shell company that owns the dispensary, and then registers with the bank under it, but once the banks find out it’s time for a new bank.

About our program

Together with our banking partners, Advanced Financial Services, Inc. has introduced a new Credit Card Processing and Banking solution for dispensaries that offers fast and easy approvals. Our program is through a U.S. bank and is not a risky offshore solution. Start Accepting Credit & Debit Cards At Your Marijuana Dispensary Today!

 Operating a known Cash Rich Business and maintaining thousands of Dollars on hand is Deadly and Dangerous! Plus consumers spend on average 200% more when using a Credit Card. Our Program also comes with a Free Placement of a Card Reader or Payment Gateway and is on a "Month to Month basis with no contract or commitment.

About Us

From Business Financing to Credit Card Processing, Advanced Financial Services Best Marijuana Merchant Service Provider. We not only offer Financing but many other essential services  for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Recreational Retail, and all Cannabis related industries.