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The rules have changed. Now you can pass credit card fees on to credit-card-using customers and recoup 100% of Visa, MasterCard, and Discover merchant fees. By passing on credit card fees to customers, you dramatically reduce operating costs. Imagine boosting your profits overnight. That's what Pass Through gives you. An out-of-the-box surcharging solution with no training and minimal set-up.

  • Recoup 100% of credit care merchant fees
  • Automatically apply surcharge at checkout
  • Easy to set-up - no traingin needed
  • Free terminal with sign-up
  • Friendly customer signage for full disclosure
  • Complies with all credit card rules and state laws

Common Questions & Answers

How does Pass Through work?

A customer presents a credit card to make a purchase. When a credit card is swiped, our terminals (1) automatically apply a surcharge, (2) print a receipt with the surcharge amount, and (3) deposit the entire transaction amount into your account.

How will customers react?

Consumers understand that credit cards are more expensive to accept than cash or debit, and are used to paying surcharges if they pay their taxes, utilities, or tuition with a credit card. When faced with a surcharge, many consumers wil switch to surcharge-free payment methods, like debit and cash. Others will stick with their credit cards and pay the surcharge.

Why haven't I heard about surcharging before?

Because Visa and MasterCard rules prohibited surcharging. As of February 2013, new rules allow merchants to surcharge credit card transactions. Debit card transactions must not be surcharged.

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